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Hand Dyed Shoe Company Virtual Tour

Oct 15, 2020

Here is our latest 360 Virtual Tour of Hand Dyed Shoe Company. The company was founded in 2014 and since then hasn’t stopped growing. They specialise in designing unique, made to measure, bespoke shoes. You may have heard of the company before as they have featured on BBC Dragons’ Den.


Since appearing on Dragons’ Den Simon has moved production from Portugal over to the UK. They have control of their own production and supply chain. Since the global pandemic hit, Hand Dyed Shoe Company have been using their facilities to create the much needed personal protective equipment for the NHS.

Within the tour we captured we have captured this unique shop; showing off a range of different shoes. Simon is inspired by Lee Alexander McQueen for his eccentric designs and bizarre things that he puts together.

You can see from this tour that the shop we have captured is very eccentric and unique but fits in perfectly with the brand that Simon has created.

Hand Dyed Shoe Company Virtual Tour 360 and 3D for Business

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