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There are multiple benefits of virtual tours for many industries. At Newcrest 360 we work with a lot of industries helping businesses to keep up with the new ways of technology and keep their business thriving within the current climate.

The hospitality and travel industry have seen the potential of virtual tours as they can help to attract guests, increase online revenue and generate more bookings. 

By adding a virtual tour to your website it can make it look more professional and appealing which in turn can help to increase traffic. If you have a tour going round a hotel in all of the rooms then customers are more likely to book a room knowing exactly what it looks like. We also believe that this will help bad reviews to decrease as customers know and can see exactly what they are getting if there is a tour. 

Having something interactive on your website can also help you to keep customers coming back or staying on the site for longer. The more that they learn about the business the more likely they are to make a direct booking; with a tour your business is also more likely to be memorable.

To make sure to get the most out of your virtual tour you should focus on some key features. In a hotel for example, you should showcase the lobby, restaurant area and a selection of different rooms. Make sure that all spaces are clean and tidy just as they would be when you have guests, they want to see what they are booking and what the business looks like so you want to make the most positive first impression. Text is also a great thing to add into a virtual tour, this can help you to explain exactly what you offer in more detail.

We have recently completed a hospitality virtual tour at The Saxon Inn. They recently had a renovation to the place and wanted to capture the business and showcase it to their guests in the best way. After we had captured the tour and uploaded it to their Google My Business page, they saw an increase of 1.2k views on their page in under a month. This just shows that a tour really can attract people more to businesses and they may book something that they weren’t even thinking about. You can visit this project on our website and check out the tour for yourself… https://newcrest360.co.uk/the-saxon-inn-virtual-tour/

If you want more information on how a virtual tour can benefit your business, then get in touch today!